marți, 2 iulie 2013

Sibiu International Fringe Festival - Compagnie Gâchett Sensible (ESP): Un parfum de montgolfière

"Outside is the storm. Madame. returns from his trip one night earlier, without warning. Alphonse, his servant, was not expected. Very quickly, the regular dialogue between the master and his servant becomes duel thank you. Madame and her servant inflict stinging banderillas in an atmosphere bourgeois sadomasochistic. Almost one and a half hour climb in the privacy of these two fantastic characters who take their bodies for balloon and inflate under the irresistible influence of desire. Behind the cruel humor and provocation where everyone else returns to his own condition hide desire and terror of being loved"

Spectacol în limba franceză realizat de către Compagnie Gâchett Sensible din Barcelona, Spania în cadrul Sibiu International Fringe Festival 2013.

Nu este un spectacol chiar indicat minorilor!

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